Thema Google Drive


Stark Portage Area Computer Consortium
2100 38th Street NW
Canton, Ohio 44709


Session Description: Moving to Google Apps brings lots of benefits, but what about all your old Microsoft Office files? You may have years and years of valuable documents, slideshows, and spreadsheets that you still need to access, edit, and use. In this session we will show how to upload all your existing MS Office files to Drive, and then three options for using those files. First, converting the files into Google formats. Second, the Office Editing for Docs, Sheets & Slides Chrome extension to do light editing of the files online. Third, the MS Office Google Drive plugin and the AwesomeDrive extension to edit your files with Office while still storing them in Drive. Find the options that work best for you and see how MS Office and Google Drive can live in harmony!


  • MS Office vs Google Drive
  • Uploading MS Filies into Drive
  • Options for Using MS Files
    • Converting to Google format
    • Editing in Drive with extension
    • Editing in Office with extension or plugin